Please cover all steps before you go live on the dialer.  Start with the 'Setup Directions' and finish with the 'Learn How to Use the Dialer'!

FIRST:  Decide and Click Your Connection Method

Get Started Setup Directions

Agent Training Page

Concerned about your internet speed? Check it here --->

Wireless internet is unstable and has inconsistencies in its signal strength. These spikes and dips in bandwidth will disconnect you from the dialer, cause contact information not to load, have static on calls, and high ping times.  IMPORTANT NOTE: wireless routers may also block sip traffic not allowing connection to the dialer and calls.  


Before you start make sure...

Phone Dial In

Xlite Phone

The Xlite Phone is an application you download instead of using the Webphone! Xlite will work better than the webphone on certain computers!

Download Xlite Phone: 

How to Setup Xlite:

Watch the video above.  Configure the "sip settings" by clicking the upside down triangle icon on xlite and the sip account settings.  Add sip account.  

sip username is found in the Settings Tab of dialer!

sip_5678 is just an EXAMPLE!

Important Note:

Make sure you are using a USB headset! not an analogue mini pin headset.  USB is Digital. All other formats are not supported and may cause audio issues UNRELATED to the dialer.

USB Headset:

If you decide you are going to use a USB headset when predictive dialing, you need to either use our internal "WebPhone" Or Download Xlite Phone Application.   


The WebPhone is Launched once you log into the dialer at the bottom right corner. If it is the first time make sure to run through all the set up prompts!


*If you don't already have it on your computer

Setup Videos:

How to use the Webphone:

How to use Xlite Phone:

Configure USB Headset on Xlite:

Xlite should do this automatically but in case it doesn't just map your USB headset as Microphone and Speaker device in options.  



Telephone Dial In Method

This will allow you to dial in to the dialer and use your external land line phone instead of the webphone or xlite.  If you would rather use your Desk Phone, Home Phone, or Cell Phone please notify a YTel Representative that you wish to use this method.  

Easy to Use:

Log into the dialer Join your Campaign and a prompt will appear for you to dial a Login Phone Number. Then enter your Login ID (Displayed to you) and Login Passwork (displayed to you).  Once you have done this you will be connected to the dialer.

Hanging up on Customers, Dispositioning, and all other call functions will be done in the dialer interface.  

Keep the phone to your ear and hangup / disposition the lead in the dialer!

Learn How to Use the Dialer

Log In and Start the Dialer

Step 1:  Log into the dialer at

Step 2:  Launch the Webphone or open Xlite Phone Program.  (or use Dialin method)                   The Webphone Launch Icon is located at the bottom right corner of dialer

Step 3:  "Join" the Campaign you wish to dial in.

Phone Dial In

Step by Step Instructions how to use the Dialer

Watch This Quick Video:

What the video will teach you:

1). How to start the dialer

2.) How to Disposition your Call/Lead

3.) Basic Navigation in the Dialer

Want to make a Manual Call or Direct Dial?

After Setup Let's Get Started!

Incase you need to give someone a quick call

Some Extras...

How to Play a Message Live on a call or on a VoiceMail:

Go to the Settings Tab of the dialer and find "Add a Sound File" Link

Upload your message or record over the phone.

Find the Speaker Icon when you are on a call.

Watch the video on it:

USB Headset

Setup Music while you wait for calls

Setup your "On Hold" Music in the Settings Tab of the dialer!

Here is a video on it:

Set your Timzone for Callbacks

Setup your User Timezone. Important for correct callback times!

Here is a video on it: